Services We Offer

All of our services create a positive and efficient commercial rental experience for tenants and owners alike.

Financial Management

  • Collection of monthly rent and reporting on accounts receivable
  • Detailed scheduling of all property-related expenses to be fulfilled on-time
  • Billing and reconciliation of Common Area Maintenance (CAM) fees
  • Managing property taxes

Administrative Management

  • Management of leases, renewals, and agreements between tenants and landlords
  • Quarterly financial statements
  • Administrating property and liability insurance
  • Coordination with legal services when needed

Property Management

  • Management of snow removal, landscaping maintenance, HVAC, electrical, janitorial, security-card access/monitoring, trash removal.
  • Creating annual maintenance schedules that include necessary inspections in accordance with manufacturer recommendations.
  • Coordinate all tasks connected to vacating renters and preparing spaces for new tenants
  • Emergency services available 24/7 for all tenants
  • Ensure quick follow-up and closure of all requests, inquiries, or comments using our systematic work order management system to manage all inquiries.
  • Professional engagement of tenant communication on a regular and scheduled basis
  • Proactive inspection of roofs, parking lots, and any other potentially large capital needs. Planning and budgeting of costs is provided.